New Vehicle Protection Plans

New Vehicle Coverage

New Vehicle Protection Plans are available to help provide simple solutions for complex purchasing profiles. If your portfolio includes vehicles still covered under the manufacturer’s basic factory warranty, these plans provide extended coverage beyond the end of the manufacturer’s warranty, so your portfolio can withstand the cost of unexpected repairs. Specifically designed to cover your customers’ near-new purchases, GWC’s New Vehicle protection plans can be added to your customized VSC offering to protect a portfolio that dabbles beyond subprime buyers and high-mileage vehicles. 

Avoid Late Payments And Defaults

With GWC’s New Vehicle Coverage, customers who are buying more expensive vehicles and exposing your portfolio to unique kind of risk will avoid falling behind on payments or defaulting on their loans. That's  because, in the unlikely event of a claim, they can be confident that GWC will provide best-in-class service through our experienced claims adjusters who are experienced at getting customers back on the road quickly.