How To Transfer Your Contract

How To Transfer Your GWC Warranty Vehicle Service Contract

Are you selling or trading in your GWC-protected vehicle? You can transfer the remaining coverage to ensure the new owner drives off worry free. Transferring your vehicle protection plan may even help you get a higher resale value because the next owner will know that they are protected from unexpected repair costs.

You may transfer a current GWC contract directly to a new owner (individual-to-individual) by:

  1. Submitting a letter to GWC within 30 days of the date of your vehicle's sale date, stating your intention to transfer the contract, including your name and address.
    GWC Warranty
    P.O. Box 7900
    Wilkes-Barre, PA 18773
  2. Submitting a copy of the bill of sale or sale agreement showing the date and mileage at the time of sale.
  3. Submitting any applicable transfer fee as listed on the contract application.
What The New Owner Needs To Know

The new owner acknowledges, by submitting the transfer request, that he or she has received all of the repair orders and receipts necessary to verify that the vehicle has been serviced according to the vehicle manufacturer's specifications. The new owner may be requested to submit these repair orders and receipts in connection with a future claim.

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