Service Reviews

GWC Warranty provides best-in-class service to end customers that helps avoid post-sale dissatisfaction and protects dealers’ reputations.

We have been extremely happy with GWC Warranty for many years. Before we started using GWC, we jumped from company to company because our clients were not getting paid. We had many customers very unhappy with us because of the way they were treated by certain warranty companies. In the end, trying to cut corners ended up costing us money. About 8 years ago, i was fed up and decided to take a chance with GWC and haven’t looked back since.

— Matt Konig, Broadmoor Motor Sales, Inc

We have been using GWC Warranty for over 12 years and would recommend them to any dealer looking for hassle-free claims. There are a lot of warranty companies in our area. They all sound great and some a little cheaper. We tried some of the other companies…no thanks! We are not interested in fighting to get legitimate claims paid, dealing with unhappy customers, and paying for repairs out of pocket! The warranty we choose to sell is a reflection of our company. We choose GWC Warranty!

— Rob Moseder, Owner/Founder, Carzone

Reliability! Working with my Service Department, Sales Department, and customers on a daily basis, it is nice to know that GWC Warranty and their support staff are there to assist and make sure things run smoothly. Whether it’s a question or a problem, their knowledge and expertise are always used to resolve any matter as quickly as possible

— Peter L. Bonafede III, Business Manager, Faulkner Honda

GWC takes care of its customers like I take care of my customers. When GWC steps up to the plate, you’re going to be taken care of. I’ve never had anybody that’s gone to a mechanic or dealership and they turned them away. That’s real important to me. I’ve been dealing with GWC for 20 years and they back up what they sell.

— Joshua Gragg, Joshua’s Auto Sales

Reliability! That is one reason of many why we have been with GWC for over 10 years. From their sales department to claims department GWC has been a trustworthy and dependable company that does an excellent job fulfilling our warranty needs in a fast and professional manner. We look forward to working with GWC for many years to come.

— Sally Marcum, Marcum Motors

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, GWC Warranty, and all of the employees of the company that make it work. We are really pleased with the treatment we receive and the way that you all go the extra mile to make things work. Nothing is ever a problem, and I feel that we receive superb treatment. We have been approached by other warranty companies trying to get our business. We tell them we already have the best. Once again, thank you for all the great things you do for us and our customers. We look forward to many years of continued success working together.

I would like to highly recommend GWC Warranty to any franchise dealer looking for an outstanding warranty company with outstanding people and service to their customers.

— Matt Pokorney, F&I Director, Patrick Buick, Chevrolet, Pontiac, GMC

We have been with GWC Warranty for a number of years and would highly recommend them to any other dealer. Our experience with claims has been excellent and we receive outstanding service from our Dealer Consultant. We are confident we will be using GWC for many years to come. Give them a try, and you’ll see why.

— Terry McAtee, Sales Manager, Puyallup Auto Center

GWC has been the best after-market warranty company that I have ever dealt with. I won’t let anyone else in the door.

— Jeff Uhl, General Manager, Queen City Motors

When people don’t have to pay for repairs, they forget they even had a repair and they come back to me to buy another car. I had a customer that was on vacation in South Carolina who broke down and called me in a panic with her kids in the car at the resort. I told her to call GWC. GWC told her the garage to take it to and it was fixed within 24 hours. It didn’t even impact her vacation.

— Lou Roberti, Owner, Roberti Automotive

We’ve been with GWC Warranty since 1995 and have been very pleased with the great service and great warranty coverage for our customers over the years. We’ve become a team. They are truly the best and very reliable. If you are a dealer considering a warranty company, I would definitely consider GWC Warranty Corporation!

— Bob Himler, President/Owner, USAutoMart

I’ve been with three Ford Dealerships for the past 30+ years and I have seen a few of what I would call aftermarket warranty companies come and go. I’ve signed on with GWC for almost 5 years now and as far as customer service and dealer service, GWC Warranty stands among the very best as an all-around great company. Many times they have gone above and beyond the responsibility of the company’s policies (and yes we’ve had more than our fair share of claims handled without problems). I have no problem recommending them as a great company to do business with!

— Gary Norton, F&I Manager, Vanderhyde Ford