What Is A Vehicle Service Contract?

Why you need a VSC
In the event of a mechanical breakdown, vehicle service contracts provide drivers like you with added protection by covering the cost of parts and labor for covered repairs. It is purchased at the same time you purchase a vehicle, so you are protected as soon as you drive off the dealer’s lot. A vehicle service contract is often referred to as a “vehicle protection plan” or an “extended warranty.”

Why Should You Purchase A Vehicle Protection Plan?
Even the best cars can break down. And as advanced technology components become more common in cars, those unexpected repairs can be costly. Think about how many hours you’d need to work to pay for a repair, or the other important bills you need to pay each month. Can you afford to repair your transmission for $2,800? Or your air conditioner for more than $1,000? Covering yourself with a vehicle service contract can protect your budget and get you back on the road quickly.

Why GWC Warranty?
GWC Warranty partners with auto dealers across the country to make vehicle service contracts available to drivers. In fact, we’ve paid more than $3.5 billion in claims and protected more than 8.5 million drivers from costly out-of-pocket repair costs. We offer coverage options for nearly every vehicle and budget, and provide support and online resources for drivers in the event of a claim. GWC Warranty vehicle service contracts give you the confidence, freedom and reliability to enjoy your new vehicle worry free. 

Ready for a “No Worries, Just Drive” experience? Ask your dealer how you can better protect yourself from costly, unexpected, out-of-pocket repair bills for many miles to come.