GWC Warranty Profit-Building Programs

GWC offers profit-sharing and volume reward programs designed to strengthen dealership profits. Our dividend program gives you the chance to share in unused reserves when contracts expire. We can also work with you to build volume bonus programs into your front-end profit based on production levels.

Accelerated Rewards For Top Dealers

GWC Warranty’s top partners—Elite Dealers—can earn underwriting profits at an accelerated pace from every GWC vehicle service contract sold, paid out quarterly after contracts expire—with no waiting period. This benefit maximizes profit on every deal and provides additional funds that can be used for various needs at your dealership.

Highest Performers Earn More

Additionally, if you continue to grow your vehicle service contract business with GWC, you’ll be eligible to participate in our WealthBuilder Profit-Sharing Program where our highest-performing dealer partners earn up to 100% of underwriting profits from their service contract sales on an as-earned basis. This allows you to realize the profits from GWC service contracts immediately—without the wait, expenses or legal hurdles associated with reinsurance.

Learn more about how your dealership can participate in GWC’s profit-building programs.