GWC Warranty Product Reviews

Let our dealer partners tell you how GWC Warranty’s expansive and flexible product set meets the diverse needs of our dealer population.

We have a sign that says 90-day, 4,500-mile free warranty on select vehicles. Most people see that and it’s that reassurance they get. They also see the stickers and clings on the windows and that makes people feel more secure about their purchase. You see these cars with a GWC warranty on there and it makes the consumers feel protected.

— Joshua Gragg, Owner, Joshua’s Auto Sales

O’Connor’s Auto Outlet has been using GWC Warranty for over 10 years. GWC is a rock solid company which stands behind their products. We have been extremely pleased with the GWC Warranty products and their commitment to outstanding customer service.

— Todd O’Connor, President, O’Connors Auto Outlet

We deployed the GWC Certified Pre-Owned Program with all the marketing materials that came with it – the stickers, windshield advertising, hangtags, all of it. We did a two-step approach. We got the cars detailed and put the marketing materials on there so it’s right in our customers’ face. Then, I wanted customers to ask questions about the warranty. If they’re asking questions about the warranty, they’ve already purchased the car in their head. We made it seem as close to a franchise dealership as possible.

With Certified, we’re now doing 1-2 sales per day and we’re on pace for 30-40 cars each month. Before Certified we were doing 15-22 cars. We’ve seen a 30-40% increase in sales in large part due to the Certified Program.

— MJ Estrada, General Manager, SRZ Auto