GWC Warranty Company Values

GWC Warranty Core Values

Find out what core values drive our employees.

Since 1995, GWC Warranty has been helping dealers sell more cars by giving car shoppers the confidence to become car buyers. We’ve also helped more than 8.5 million drivers with vehicle coverage that preserves their peace of mind. GWC continues to meet – and exceed – these high expectations thanks to employees who are ignited by the company’s core values: Fair, Friendly, Focused, Engaged, Accountable.

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GWC Warranty Core Values


We exemplify honesty, integrity and transparency in everything we do. We always do the right thing. We are dependable, respectable and professional while delivering best-in-industry benefits and services.

GWC Warranty Core Values


We display a positive attitude and are collaborative with our customers, partners and with each other. We are strong communicators, good listeners and show empathy for everyone we work with. We are personable, greet people with a pleasant tone of voice and show respect in all communications.

GWC Warranty Core Values


We are driven and self-motivated. We are doers who strive to exceed expectations. Our decisions are based on our core values, data and facts. We operate with persistence and urgency to get the job done on time and in alignment with company priorities. We eliminate distractions and stay the course until the work is complete.

GWC Warranty Core Values


We come to work every day committed to delivering value to everyone we engage with. We genuinely care about our work and organization. We proactively identify and deliver solutions. We are inquisitive, trying to understand our role, the roles of others and the market around us. We are committed to the personal and professional growth of ourselves and those around us, and therefore always maintain a student mentality.

GWC Warranty Core Values


We are dependable and driven to deliver on our promises. We are responsive and exceed expectations in a timely manner. We hold ourselves accountable to fulfill our commitments "because we said we would."