Generate Incremental Revenue With GWC Warranty

Best-in-class customer service starts with a topnotch claims experience.

GWC Warranty For Automotive Lenders

GWC Warranty protection plans also provide lenders an additional opportunity to generate revenue on each loan.

While protecting your portfolio is your top priority, improving your bottom line is always an added bonus. With customized programs tailored specifically to your lending profile, GWC Warranty can help you maximize profitability and generate an additional revenue source. Additionally, GWC can facilitate introductions to new dealerships, expanding your reach within your market and establishing a larger footprint that fosters larger revenues.

GWC Warranty Lender Partnerships

Capture Missed Revenue

A vehicle service contract program offers an added jolt of earnings to your business. If you don't have a service contract solution today, you could be leaving revenue on the table. Generate a second stream of revenue on every loan you originate.

GWC Warranty

Growth Opportunity

GWC Warranty has deep relationships with a network of over 7,000 dealerships nationwide. We work with dealers of all shapes and sizes and can facilitate introductions that match a lender's target profile. More relationships with dealers means a bigger footprint and larger revenues.

GWC Warranty Lender Partnerships

Custom Programs

GWC Warranty has an expansive and flexible product set designed for customized solutions to meet lender needs. No matter who your ideal customer is, we have the options to fit your portfolio and your dealers' inventory, increasing the opportunities for vehicle service contract sales.