Exclusionary Coverage

GWC Warranty’s Exclusionary Coverage options help you offer your customers the highest level of vehicle protection that will help generate the coveted repeat and referral business every dealer wants. Exclusionary Coverage protects hundreds of components, parts and systems in vehicles with starting mileage as high as 150,000 miles. In fact, Exclusionary Coverage offers so much protection that it’s easier to describe what it doesn’t cover.


Simply put, GWC will cover all parts covered under the vehicle manufacturer’s basic factory warranty, with the exception of those listed on the “Exclusions From Coverage” section of the contract. It’s as close to “bumper to bumper” coverage as possible. With Exclusionary Coverage from GWC, your customers can drive off your lot with the ultimate confidence that their new vehicle will stay on the road.

Peace Of Mind For Drivers

Adding to GWC Warranty’s best-in-class coverage, with most Exclusionary protection plans you can select optional upgrades that offer your customers even more peace of mind. When protecting your customer’s investment, you can select upgrades like navigation system coverage, protection for high-tech sensors, service vouchers, zero deductibles and many more benefits.

Protect your customers – and your reputation – for many miles to come by sparing them the expense of costly, unexpected, out-of-pocket repair bills. While in the unlikely event of a claim, you can be confident that GWC will provide best-in-class service to drivers through our experienced claims adjusters who are dedicated to protecting your reputation.