Maximize Profits With GWC Strategic Support

GWC Warranty WealthBuilder Program
At GWC Warranty, we focus on building long-term relationships with our dealers through responsive and personalized support from our expert term. With decades of automotive industry experience, the team at GWC Warranty understands what is important to you and how to help your dealership perform better and optimize profits on every deal.

Higher Level Support For Elite Dealers
Additionally, our most valued partners–Elite Dealers–benefit from an exclusive level of hands-on service and strategic support from multiple layers within the GWC organization. This top-tier service experience includes:
  • Strategic discussions with leadership to find ways to maximize profits, alleviate pain points and achieve dealership goals 
  • High-level point of contact to answer questions and resolve any issues
  • Responsive and personalized support on a regular basis from a local Dealer Consultant
  • Focused attention to dealership’s day-to-day operations 
  • Guidance in selecting products that are right for a dealership’s unique business model and target customers
  • Hands-on training to help GWC fit into a dealer’s current processes
  • Responsive support when questions arise
  • Dedicated point of contact at GWC headquarters to find answers to questions and solutions to issues efficiently
Learn more about how your dealership can benefit with strategic support from GWC Warranty.