Take 5 To Protect Your Dealership

GWC Warranty is committed to helping dealers protect their customers, reputations and bottom lines.

As a GWC Elite dealer, you can take advantage of this exclusive program including tips and tools to educate your employees and customers about the epidemic of deceptive marketers selling warranty contracts that cover nothing or very little.

Step 1: Send A Letter

   Compose a letter on your dealership’s letterhead and mail it to every customer in your database. 

to download a template.

Step 2: Notify your Customers

Hand out the “5 Steps to Protect Yourself from Auto Warranty Scams” information sheet at the time of vehicle delivery and to every service customer at check out. 

Step 3: Record A Video

Create a short video and send it to all of the existing email addresses in your customer database. Videos only take a few minutes to create and we will be happy to help you AT NO CHARGE.

CLICK HERE to see an example.

Step 4: Train Your Team

Make sure that your entire team is trained to handle the calls and opportunities that this program will produce.  Customers will want not only the warning, but the solution, and you and your dealership team have to be prepared to deliver that solution.

Step 5: Create A Plan

  Develop a structured plan to consistently follow up with all of your customers, including those that purchased a service contract and those who did not. 

If you would like more information on how to do any, or all, of the above 5 steps contact us at 800.482.7357 x767 or email gwcmarketing@gwcwarranty.com. We're happy to help!