4 VSC Features That Cool Post-Sale Heat

Customer buys a car. Customer leaves your lot. Customer has a breakdown. Now your reputation is on the line. If you informed your customers of the VSC features that can help following a breakdown, this potential for post-sale heat won’t even make you break a sweat.

The moments following a breakdown are undoubtedly a stressful time for your customers. They’re worried about getting a tow, how much it will cost, will their service contract cover the repairs and what will they do in the interim while their vehicle is being repaired. These questions coupled with emotions running high can be a recipe for post-sale heat you and your reputation can live without.

Thankfully, if you’ve informed your customers about key features of their service contracts, you can avoid any potential blow-back from angry customers navigating a vehicle breakdown.

Find A Service Facility. If you don’t have your own service bay, highlighting where your customers can find repair facilities that have an existing relationship with your VSC provider will help them quickly find a place to take their vehicle. Perhaps even more importantly, showing your customers where they can find repair facility information can bail them out of a difficult situation when travelling.

Coverage Lookup. In 2018, it’s all about self-service. Most customers today would prefer to find answers to simple questions on their own. Following a breakdown, a customer may want to know if their service contract is still active and what components are covered. In these instances, if they know where to look up their coverage online, they can quickly find this information on their own even outside of business hours.

Instructional Content. When customers need repairs quickly, there’s no time for back and forth over claims procedures. With content readily available online that outlines proper claims procedures, customers can navigate the claims process with as few road blocks as possible, ensuring a quick and painless claims experience.

Multiple Contact Options. Customers have different communication preferences. Some might want to make a phone call, others send an email and others open up a live chat online. A VSC provider with all of these options at your customer’s disposal helps them get the answers they need quickly so they can get their car back on the road as soon as possible.