Technology Partners

GWC Warranty is committed to providing dealers the technology they need to be more efficient and progressive. By partnering with a variety of Dealer Management System (DMS) and Electronic Menu System (EMS) providers, GWC allows dealers to easily rate, write and submit vehicle service contracts. In doing so, we aim to seamlessly integrate vehicle service contracts into dealers' existing processes, making the experience as efficient as possible.

By incorporating GWC products into your DMS or EMS, your dealers will be able to quickly and efficiently generate a completed PDF contract that includes vehicle information, customer information and all relevant service contract information. Our web services give you the ability to integrate this functionality into your system so your dealers can generate all of the necessary paperwork for submitting a GWC service contract in one convenient location.


By integrating with GWC’s e-Rating web service, dealers will be able to obtain accurate GWC rates electronically without ever leaving their DMS or EMS. The dealer will simply provide the vehicle information (such as vehicle identification number, mileage and in-service date) and web services will return all available GWC products for that vehicle.


By adding GWC products into your DMS or EMS, you are giving your dealers a seamless e-contracting experience. After they’ve submitted GWC service contracts, they will be able to easily remit payment from within the DMS/EMS. Our web services will generate a PDF remittance register that your dealers can either mail, fax or submit electronically with their payment. 

Your dealers can begin working with the industry’s best-in-class used vehicle service contract provider. Contact us today to learn more.