WealthBuilder Program - Virtual Training

GWC Warranty Virtual Training

Only GWC Warranty WealthBuilder Dealers have access to GWC Warranty Virtual Training – GWC’s interactive training platform offering content for every employee at a dealership. At no charge, dealers and their entire staff can enjoy content on a variety of topics including GWC product information, sales skill building, F&I, compliance, service and more, GWC Warranty Virtual Training serves as a dealership’s on-demand, interactive training source complete with videos, a reference document library and tests to maximize retention. 

  • SAVE MONEY. Dealers will pay hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars every year for online or in-dealership training. As a GWC WealthBuilder Dealer, you get this benefit at no charge.
  • SAVE TIME. Train on topics you want, when you want. No need for pricey travel that takes away from time on the lot. Virtual Training is available 24/7 so you decide when to train.
  • SELL MORE CARS. Rest easy knowing your staff is trained in proven sales and F&I best practices that will help you sell more cars and make more money.

GWC Warranty Virtual Training Features:

  • VARIETY OF EDUCATIONAL CONTENT. Helpful content about sales, F&I, service and compliance make training material available to everyone in the dealership.
  • SIMPLE, INTERACTIVE DESIGN. Keep viewers engaged and interested with short videos, interactive quizzes and handy downloads in an intuitive digital design.
  • ON-DEMAND. Dealerships can train on their schedule. Managers can display videos as part of broader training or employees can train during down time.
  • COMPREHENSIVE REPORTING. In-depth reporting keeps staff accountable while tracking progress and helping identify areas of strength or weakness.

To learn how you can become a WealthBuilder Dealer and earn exclusive access to GWC Virtual Training at no charge, contact us.

If you are a WealthBuilder Dealer and would like to sign up for Virtual Training, contact your Dealer Consultant today.