FDS Vehicle Protection Plans

FDS vehicle protection plans are powered by GWC Warranty. Since 1995, GWC has offered a “No Worries, Just Drive” experience by giving drivers the confidence, freedom and reliability they need when making a vehicle purchase. When confident customers have a great experience with FDS vehicle protection plans, they tell their family and friends, which generates strong repeat and referral business that creates customers for life.

How do FDS vehicle protection plans do this? They provide you best-in-class products and service that will help you give car shoppers the confidence to become car buyers.


We provide ultimate peace of mind with exclusionary coverage that rivals a manufacturer's basic factory warranty.


GWC Warranty provides best-in-class service to drivers that helps avoid post-sale dissatisfaction and protects dealers' reputations.

Driver Resources

Customers drive their cars with confidence knowing anything they need is just a few clicks away.