Maximize Profit With Consultative Training

GWC Warranty offers consultative training and support
More than just sales representatives, the GWC Warranty team is comprised of Dealer Consultants who deliver training opportunities and provide strategic support to help dealers maximize profit on every deal.

When you begin working with GWC, your Dealer Consultant makes sure you are primed for success at every step. We’ll provide all the information and tools you need to effectively sell vehicle service contracts to drivers and easily integrate GWC products into your dealership’s current sales and F&I processes. 

Exclusive Training For New And Top-Producing Dealers
New dealers, as well as GWC’s top-producing dealers, have access to exclusive training opportunities, including:
  • Virtual Training: An on-demand, interactive video training library, filled with engaging content for every employee in a dealership
  • Compliance Tools and Training: A suite of online tools and training to help dealers navigate complex federal laws and regulations
Learn how training side by side with GWC Warranty helps dealerships maximize profit on every deal.