Best-In-Class Service For Your Customers

GWC Warranty’s best-in-class service strengthens dealers’ reputations by protecting drivers at every turn. Our “No Worries, Just Drive” experience helps your customers avoid post-sale dissatisfaction.

Our experienced claims specialists, who have various ASE and manufacturer certifications, are dedicated to preserving dealership reputations. They are knowledgeable, friendly, fair and responsive, whether engaging with dealers, service repair facilities or drivers. They also work closely with service shops to expedite the claims adjudication process for your customers.

Online Tools Enhance Service For Drivers
To help drivers quickly find answers to their questions, we’ve developed several self-service tools on our website, including:

We also provide short, easy-to-follow videos that illustrate the answers to commonly asked questions, including:

Creating Customers For Life

When you partner with GWC, our best-in-class service for drivers helps to create customers for life for your dealership. Visit our Reviews section to see how other dealers have rated GWC’s best-in-class service. Learn more about how GWC Warranty’s claims service helps protect dealerships’ reputation.