What does GWC Warranty have to offer large independent dealerships?

GWC Warranty works with large independent dealershipsGWC Warranty helps strengthen the reputations of large independent dealerships by protecting drivers at every turn while maximizing profits on every deal.

Our best-in-class service for drivers helps to create customers for life, while our products, training and profit-building programs optimize every sale.
  • Products – We provide an expansive product offering that has the flexibility to be customized based on dealer needs.
  • Service – We provide best-in-class service to drivers that helps avoid post-sale dissatisfaction and protects dealers' reputations.
  • Training – We provide in-depth training to dealers that makes it easy to integrate GWC products into a dealership's current sales and F&I processes.
  • Technology – We offer integration solutions and electronic tools that seamlessly fit the needs of dealers.
  • Support – We focus on building long-term relationships with dealers through responsive and personalized support from our expert team.
  • Profit-Building Programs – We offer exclusive profit-sharing and volume reward programs designed to strengthen dealership profits.

Are you ready to partner with GWC Warranty so your dealership can protect drivers and maximize profits?

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