Why Choose GWC Warranty?

Since 1995, GWC Warranty has helped more than 20,000 dealers of all types – from small to large, independent or franchise – protect over 1.5 million drivers from costly out-of-pocket repair bills. In doing so, we have been named a Motor Trend® Recommended Best Buy For Independent Dealers. Learn more about what we can bring to your dealership.
GWC Warranty works with small to mid-size independent dealerships

Small independent dealerships

Learn how GWC Warranty can help your small to mid-size independent dealership sell more cars by giving car shoppers the confidence to become car buyers.

GWC Warranty works with large independent dealerships

Large independent dealerships

Learn how GWC Warranty helps strengthen the reputations of large independent dealerships by protecting drivers at every turn while maximizing profits on every deal.

GWC Warranty works with franchise dealerships

Franchise dealerships

Learn how GWC Warranty maximizes franchise dealership profits by turning high-mileage inventory into high-profit opportunities.