Independent F&I Impact

Understanding the unique business of an Independent Used Car Dealership, GWC University has developed a 2-Day Interactive F&I training course to maximize your opportunities. Independent Impact will lead your F&I Managers through a 3 step F&I Process that will increase your F&I profits, improve your performance and aid your compliance efforts. Our interactive curriculum has extensive video role play sessions, student quizzes and comprehensive follow up efforts from our Trainers. Whether you have an F&I process in place, or you are adding F&I to your dealership, Independent Impact F&I Training is for you!

In addition to the course curriculum, you’ll gain access to the GWC University Learning Center platform.

Course Length: 2 days

This course focuses on:

  • Interactive, comprehensive full 2-day class
  • Identifying and responding to client concerns
  • Legally and ethically maintaining compliance standards
  • Increasing F&I department profitability

After completing the course, attendees will receive:

  • A process scorecard
  • Videos of their in-class performance
  • Daily quizzes
  • Personal feedback from the class facilitator

Independent F&I Impact is held in conjunction with our AFIP Certification course, where possible.

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