WealthBuilder Program - Compliance Tools and Training

GWC Compliance Tools and TrainingComplex federal laws and ever-changing regulations make it difficult for even the best dealers to stay on top of today’s unique compliance requirements. GWC Warranty knows that time spent trying to make sense of compliance is time away from selling cars, and costly penalties can hurt a dealership’s bottom line and damage its reputation. To help its top dealers meet these challenges, GWC Warranty provides a suite of online tools and video-based training courses dedicated to compliance.

GWC Warranty’s online training platform is fast, intuitive, flexible and practical. Dealerships can be set up with access in as little as one business day. The web-based program has easy-to-use navigation and classes can be taken 24/7. Employees will learn skills that directly apply to their role at the dealership.

The Compliance Essentials F&I program is free for GWC Warranty’s WealthBuilder Dealers only. Discounted upgrade options are also available for WealthBuilder Dealers.

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