GWC Warranty Rewards Top Dealers

GWC Warranty is committed to providing all our dealers with best-in-class service, products, training and technology to help you sell more cars and ultimately, make more money. This commitment is amplified for our top, most loyal dealers. GWC has created the Elite program to reward top dealers with exclusive benefits designed to help you build on your success.


Top dealers are granted access to a faster claims experience and provided a higher level of consultation from GWC’s Dealer Consultants and Sales Leadership team.


GWC’s top dealers are provided more flexibility with our product set, which helps you maximize your profitability and give your customers more confidence in their vehicle purchase.


Only top dealers gain access to exclusive, robust training tools that can help every employee in a dealership maximize their potential.


As one of GWC’s top dealers, you receive early, premier access to new tools and technology that help your dealership become more efficient and progressive.