GWC Warranty Dealer App for iPads

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GWC Warranty is dedicated to offering its dealers innovative technology that helps you be more efficient and progressive. That’s why we created the GWC Dealer App for iPads, the easiest way to sell a service contract. With educational videos and an interactive coverage selection tool, the GWC App essentially sells the service contract for you. With just a few taps, the GWC App allows you to educate, rate and submit service contracts, all from the palm of your hand.

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GWC Warranty Dealer iPad AppWhat does the GWC App do?
  • Educates drivers with engaging video content
  • Seamlessly demonstrates protection plan features
  • Quickly rates, e-signs and submits service contracts
Why should dealers use it?
  • More easily present the benefits of vehicle protection
  • More efficiently navigate the VSC sales process
  • Demonstrate transparency to increase customer satisfaction
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