06/21/2019 10:00 am | GWC Warranty

Gaining Customer Trust In The F&I Office

Perhaps the most difficult obstacle to overcome in the F&I office is getting your customers to trust that the products you’re offering will be worth the added cost. Establishing that trust is the first step in building the foundation for long-term F&I success.

06/07/2019 10:00 am | GWC Warranty

Non-Compliance: Time and Money You Don’t Want To Spend

New regulations for car dealers can be a moving target – but one you can’t afford to miss. Fines and penalties for being non-compliant can be crippling to even the best businesses, which is why car dealers today need to stay on top of regulatory changes in the market.

05/24/2019 10:00 am | GWC Warranty

Online Lead Nurture. Bottom Line Benefit.

In today’s car business, most of your business is coming your way via online forms and websites. Your next steps immediately following these leads are essential to turning that lead into an actual sale.

05/10/2019 10:00 am | GWC Warranty

Put That Lobby Monitor To Work

Something as simple as a monitor in your showroom can go a long way toward helping how your business performs in the F&I office. Having videos on a loop that help customers get on board with the idea of a service contract is a great way to make your F&I job a little bit easier.

04/26/2019 10:00 am | GWC Warranty

Reviewing The Importance Of Reviews

As a used car dealer, your reputation is everything. When the town gets to talking, your future business is on the line. With internet reviews being relied upon heavier than ever before, every transaction is an opportunity to showcase how great your business is.

04/12/2019 10:00 am | GWC Warranty

Big Auction Wins From Outside-The-Box Ideas

The used car industry is more competitive than ever before. Everywhere you turn you and your competition are going head to head on the vehicles customers in your area want. Overcoming this obstacle is all about standing out from the crowd.

03/29/2019 10:00 am | GWC Warranty

Make It A Big Year With A Menu

Selling more service contracts and selling higher quality F&I products all starts with how you present them to customers. If you do it right and do it often, you stand to make big time gains in the F&I office.

03/15/2019 10:00 am | GWC Warranty

Vehicle Photos That Sell

Every picture you take of your inventory and post online can be the one click that sells a car or sends your customers on to a competitor’s website.   When it’s time to get your camera ready for that new score from auction, be strategic to make sure your customers see everything that’s good about your inventory.

03/01/2019 10:00 am | GWC Warranty

Tax Season Prep Pt. 5: Long-Term Coverage. Long-Term Business.

The benefits from a busy tax refund season don’t have to stop when the checks from Uncle Sam quit landing in mailboxes. If you’re taking this opportunity to put customers in more robust service contract coverage, you could reap the benefits for months and years to come.

02/15/2019 10:00 am | GWC Warranty

Tax Season Prep Pt. 4: Following A Lead

With your eye on getting as much business as possible through your doors during this busy time of year, you may have started to try something new to generate more leads. It’s what you do with those leads, though, that can make or break your busy selling season.