09/14/2021 2:28 pm | GWC Warranty

What do Lenders Look for in a Dealership?

One of the easiest ways to lose a sale is a lack of financing options. Find out what lenders look for in a dealer and how to evaluate your current partnerships to make sure they're working for you and your buyers.

08/02/2021 1:57 pm | GWC Warranty

Seven Reasons to Join Your State’s Independent Automobile Dealers Association

Find out why being a member of your state’s independent automobile dealer association is a smart move for every dealer.

06/29/2021 4:26 pm | GWC Warranty

Are You Following The 500% Rule?

The 300% rule has been the go-to strategy for F&I managers for years. But there’s more to a successful transaction—learn about the 500% rule that can help your dealership staff increase sales while protecting your dealership.

06/04/2021 4:07 pm | GWC Warranty

Rethinking the Path To Profitability

Even during periods of recovery, it's crucial to focus on improving PVR and overall performance with an eye for what may be ahead. Here are two things to consider to help you make the most out of sales today to take your dealership beyond just meeting end-of-month goals.

04/30/2021 10:00 am | GWC Warranty

Meet Your Subprime Buyers

With credit requirements for used car financing offering more flexibility for buyers with lower scores, subprime options are a must-have for dealers. Read more to understand your subprime buyers so you can provide the best customer experience for this large demographic.

03/29/2021 7:56 pm | GWC Warranty

Three Questions Dealers Need to Ask About Their Lenders

The right dealer/lender partnership can do more than help you get buyers behind the wheel. When your lender truly works for both your dealership and your customers, it can also help you maximize profit on each sale.

03/03/2021 10:19 pm | GWC Warranty

The Truth About Good (and Bad) Customer Service

Strong customer service skills go beyond making a good impression—they can impact long-term sales. But why do they matter so much?

02/03/2021 3:01 pm | GWC Warranty

Don’t Let Your Digital Leads Down

Don’t let digital leads pass you by. Put the right steps in place so you can be confident you're not losing these valuable customers because someone else hit "send" first.

12/29/2020 9:00 am | GWC Warranty

Five Reasons Your Reputation Matters

Dealerships that pay attention to their digital reputations can see up to a 10% increase in average sales volume.

11/23/2020 8:56 pm | GWC Warranty

Dealer Success Story: Pumpkin Fine Cars & Exotics

Pumpkin Fine Cars & Exotics needed the right F&I partner that would help give their customers the best ownership experience possible. GWC was the solution.