09/27/2019 10:00 am | BY GWC Warranty

Focus On Quality Over Quantity

Sometimes you aren’t able to sell more so focus on selling something better. Let’s look at ways you can begin upselling more often and improving back-end profits even when your service contract penetration is right where you want it.

Start The Conversation Early. Advertising basic level coverage, like with a Certified Program, helps plant the seed early on and get customers on board with the principles behind service contract protection. Once customers are bought in on the ground floor, you then have the foundation needed to get them to a higher level of coverage.Stick With What Works. Over and over, you’ll hear mention of the menu approach and the 300% rule. Both are proven tactics that can be repeated in the F&I office for consistent success. Presenting good, better, best options and working your way down from the top coverage you offer is the best way to help customers see the value in richer coverage. And it’s important that you do this every time without exception.Practice Makes Perfect. Not just with the menu technique but also with overcoming objections, the more you practice, the more successful you’ll be. You can schedule workshops with your team or work on your skills with on-demand online resources like Virtual Training to ensure you and your team stay sharp in these critical areas.Keep The End Result In Mind. Better coverage, means increased profits and happier customers. Don’t discount the long-term profit opportunities and repeat business that can come as a side effect to selling better coverage. When your customers are well protected and can avoid out-of-pocket repair bills, they’ll undoubtedly sing your praises to family, friends and on review sites across the web.