05/24/2019 10:00 am | BY GWC Warranty

Online Lead Nurture. Bottom Line Benefit.

In today’s car business, most of your business is coming your way via online forms and websites. Your next steps immediately following these leads are essential to turning that lead into an actual sale.

Nurturing a lead is an artform, but when mastered makes a major difference for your business. Even a marginal increase in conversion rates on leads can make a noticeable impact on the bottom line.

Change The Way You Communicate. A standard text email, a phone call or worse, a delayed response, don’t cut it in today’s car business. You can send your customers personalized videos with something like Covideo to get personal with your leads quicker than the competition. These personalized

communications make your customers more comfortable earlier in the process, so they continue the conversation with you rather than the competition.

Make It Quick. The quicker you hop on a lead, the less time there is for competition to swoop in on your deal. If a customer reaches out to you online, they’re likely on their way to a competitor’s website to see what they could offer too. If you communicate to the lead quickly, you might just stop the customer in their tracks so they focus on you instead of another dealer with a similar vehicle.

Get To The Details. Your potential customer reached out because they’re interested in making a purchase. You can shorten the purchase timeline by getting right into the details the customer is interested in knowing. Ask penetrating questions to understand what they’re looking for in the vehicle and once again used a personalized method like Covideo to highlight the features and benefits the customer is focused on.