05/10/2019 10:00 am | BY GWC Warranty

Put That Lobby Monitor To Work

Something as simple as a monitor in your showroom can go a long way toward helping how your business performs in the F&I office. Having videos on a loop that help customers get on board with the idea of a service contract is a great way to make your F&I job a little bit easier.

The great thing about video is that it helps customers get to the decision about a VSC on their own rather than being sold the service contract. In these instances, customers feel like the VSC purchase was their idea and therefore feel more comfortable with value of a VSC purchase.

Cost Of Repairs. A video that describes the cost of common repairs gives customers an idea of what they might be on the hook for if something small or major were to happen to their vehicle. The reality of buying a used car is that they are more likely to break down over time, and as long as customers know what these repairs can cost, they can justify the cost of a VSC once they get to that point in the process.

Customer Reviews. If you work with a quality VSC provider, they should have content on hand to show how they’ve taken care of dealer customers in the past. You can sell customers on the peace of mind associated with a service contract, but seeing how it actually paid off shows just how valuable a VSC can be in a customer’s time of need.

Coverage Videos. Once customers have an idea of what some common repairs cost and how valuable a VSC can be during a difficult repair experience, you can begin to educate them on the coverage levels you offer. Using video to educate your customers on different coverage levels, shows them what is covered under different plans. If they know components they want to protect, they’ll connect that knowledge with the coverage level videos to start making up their minds on what product to purchase.

When it’s all said and done, all these videos plant the seed about service contract early on, so when the time comes to present your coverage options, your job can be a little bit easier and the sale a little bit smoother.