03/15/2019 10:00 am | BY GWC Warranty

Vehicle Photos That Sell

Every picture you take of your inventory and post online can be the one click that sells a car or sends your customers on to a competitor’s website.

When it’s time to get your camera ready for that new score from auction, be strategic to make sure your customers see everything that’s good about your inventory.

Focus On The Details. Things like tire treads, shots of clean engine compartments, high-quality stitching on upholstery and other small items can show your attention to detail that will attract customers and save them on repairs after the sale. These items may seem small, but can give the customer the impression they’re buying a meticulously maintained vehicle.

Highlight Your Reconditioning. You spend valuable time and money on getting your cars ready for primetime. Show this to your customers. You can even go as far as to show off an invoice or list of work done on the car to get it ready. It shows your customers how this car can stand out from similar models on sale elsewhere.

Try Video. A tool like Covideo gives you the ability to bring a standard vehicle walkaround to life. It gives you the ability to give your customers a firsthand look at the car. You can take them behind the wheel, in the seats and up close with every bell and whistle to show it off like a photo never could.