07/05/2019 10:00 am | BY GWC Warranty

It’s Time To Make Time For Training

With everything you handle on a given day, it’s easy to dismiss training for you and your staff. You understand the value, but always find a reason to put it off. But that can end today.

Sure, your main goal is to sell cars. That goes without question. Without finding ways to keep things fresh and to continue to evolve, however, you stand to risk falling behind the competition. You probably already understand this and therefore see the value in dealership training, but it’s easy to watch the busy days, weeks and months fly by without pursuing the training your dealership needs

All this said, there’s no better time than the present to overcome these common reasons for putting training on the back burner and get started on a path to a more successful dealership today.

Not enough time. This is the easiest excuse when it comes to avoiding a training program. It’s also the easiest to overcome. There are countless options for online training that you can complete on your own time. Convenience is just the first step though. Setting deadlines is on you. Give you and your team goals to complete certain coursework and you can begin holding each other accountable to chip away at the training iceberg.

Not enough money. Training can be expensive. But it doesn’t have to be. Looking in unexpected places for on-demand training (like your vehicle service contract provider) might be your ticket to affordable – or even free – training resources. A quality VSC provider will value your loyalty and be able to provide training for your entire dealership that will be able to help you be more successful and efficient in every aspect of your business.

Not enough people. So you have a small team, maybe even a team of one, and you think training would be a waste of your time, right? Wrong. Small teams need training that can maximize success and efficiency more than any others. If you’re running a small shop, you need to maximize on all your resources. Learning best practices, pro tips and processes that diversify your skills could actually be the best use of your time.

Not enough opportunity. You might be more of a numbers person and you’ve historically had trouble quantifying the opportunity training holds. When overcoming this objection, think about if you had two more upsells in the F&I office each month. Or if you sold five more cars. Or if you learned about a new product that could double F&I revenue. Unless you train on the processes and methods you can employ to achieve these goals, you’ll have no path to get there. There is always opportunity and room for improvement in your dealership, and training is the road to get there.