08/16/2019 10:00 am | BY GWC Warranty

Your Greatest Marketing Asset

All your work to sell a service contract doesn’t have to happen in the F&I office. But can your website sell a customer on the value of a service contract before a customer even steps on your lot? The short answer is yes.

As valuable as your website can be to get a customer on board with the idea of a service contract before the sale, some website tweaks to help during and after the sale can be the ticket to selling more service contracts and selling them more easily.

Before The Sale. When a customer is browsing your website and looking for the right car, it can help to have them stumble upon your service contract coverage as well. If your customer submits a contact form, the thank you page can direct them to more information about your service contract offering. Having a video, PDF or coverage description in this scenario can plant the seed about service contract coverage with your customers. If your VSC provider has your best interest in mind, these things should be easy to obtain, and could be as simple as using an embed code from a video on their website.

During The Sale. You piqued your customer’s interest with the info on your website and now they want to know more in the F&I office. Having videos on your website that explain coverage in additional detail allows the customer to feel like he or she is coming to the decision on their own rather than being sold an F&I product. You could even use videos that talk about the cost of common repairs to help drive home the value of service contract coverage.

After The Sale. In the event a customer needs more information about their service contract or he or she needs to file a claim, having links on your website can help them quickly get the information they need. They may not fully recall all the details about their coverage or even the company that administers the contract, but they’ll certainly remember you. When they find their way back to your website, having a link on the ready to a one-stop resource for VSC questions will ensure the post-sale experience is simple and seamless.