11/02/2018 10:00 am | BY GWC Warranty

Celebrate A Profitable Holiday Season

There are two ways to look at the upcoming holiday season: you can chalk it up as the slow time of year; or you can go big and use the last two months to provide a jolt to the year’s profits.

The choice is yours.

Whether you’ve had a great year thus far or you need a boost in these last couple months, there are different things you can try in order to breathe some life into the final days of the year. It’s the season for deals, giving and new beginnings, and your business is no exception.

Social Media Advertising. If you haven’t tried social media advertising, you may be missing out on the deal of the century. Ads on Facebook, for instance, can be relatively affordable and allows you to target by age, location, gender and even interests. If you have a specific car for a specific audience that you need to get off your lot, social media ads might be your ticket to a quick, profitable sale.

Contests. Customers love to win and they love a deal. Promoting contests that get customers engaged with your dealership don’t just reward the winner, but also get more foot or internet traffic for your dealership. You can try discounts, free service vouchers, gas cards or similar giveaways for customers that help get conversations started during a season when they might otherwise not happen.

VSC Second Chance. If your customers didn’t bite on service contract coverage the first time around, you could try getting them back in to see if they might be interested now that they’ve been in the car for a few months. Especially during the holiday season, you’d hate to see an unexpected repair hurt a customer’s monthly budget. You can use this to position a VSC as the perfect gift to give themselves this holiday season.

Test A New Lead Tool. If this time of year is typically slow, it couldn’t hurt to try something new. You can pilot the use of a tool like Covideo that uses video communication to help nurture leads and get customers on your lot. Give it a shot with a few leads that come in and if it works well, you can build it into your regular processes for the new year.