3/16/2018 6:00:00 AM | By GWC Warranty

Get Certified Or Get Left Behind

GWC Warranty Certified Pre-Owned ProgramEvery customer who hears “Certified Pre-Owned vehicles” instantly equates that with a more confident purchasing decision. But the power behind Certified programs isn’t limited to major manufacturers. With the right program and process in place, dealerships of any kind can cash in on the cachet behind the Certified name.

These days, having a Certified program is no longer an option. Without one, your dealership runs the risk of being left in the dust of all that do. With independent dealers joining in on the Certified trend, it’s now more about how you execute your Certified Program than just having one and hoping it sets you apart from competitors.

Even The Playing Field. If you don’t have a Certified Program today, you run the risk of falling behind the industry. Independent dealers now have access to Certified Programs, meaning that more dealers than ever before are jumping on the bandwagon. If you look around at competition and see Certified Programs popping up, it’s time to get on board before you get lapped by the field.

Marketing Power. The term Certified provides a powerful lead generation tool for you. Customers see value in Certified vehicles and will seek them out when browsing inventory. By marketing your entire inventory as Certified, you’re providing an instant feeling of confidence to your customers who are looking for a car they can rely on.

Upsell Opportunities. The dealers who have the most success with Certified are the ones who rarely sell it. What this means is that strong Certified programs at independent dealerships often lead to upsell opportunities to richer coverage levels and longer terms. Certified is a basic level of coverage for your customers that should give them confidence in the vehicle, but highlighting what that coverage doesn’t cover can help customers see value in higher coverage levels, which will ultimately increase your revenue opportunities on the back end.

Hone Your Skills. If you’ve had trouble instituting a consistent F&I process in the past, Certified programs can help you work on upsell tactics while still having a baseline level of coverage to protect your customers. Over time as you develop your F&I process, you’ll see more upsell opportunities converted into actual back end revenue.

Renewal Opportunities. Most Certified programs provide shorter-term coverage to protect your customers in the months right after the purchase. Making note of when these contracts are set to expire will give you the opportunity to engage with your customer after the sale. In checking up on your customers, you can remind them that their coverage is about to run out. Even if you don’t land a VSC renewal, you might just learn about friends or family members who are shopping for cars. The extra customer touchpoint could prove profitable in the long haul.