6/8/2018 6:00:00 AM | By GWC Warranty

3 Videos Your Customers Need To See

Best-in-class customer service starts with a topnotch claims experience.

Most likely you’re well aware of just how impactful video can be when trying to close a vehicle service contract sale. With such an opportunity to leave a lasting impression on your customers, choosing the right videos to share could be the difference between major profits or a major missed opportunity.

The value of video is that it puts the customer in control of the service contract sale and begins to make them feel as if they’re discovering value on their own rather than being “sold” another product to go along with their vehicle purchase. This added level of trust and objectivity to the F&I process instantly helps customers feel more comfortable during one of the more uncomfortable aspects of their vehicle purchase.

Using video in these scenarios provides a dual opportunity to educate your customer and demonstrate the value in what you’re trying to sell them. That’s why it’s so vitally important to choose the right videos to share at this pivotal moment.

Here are three examples of videos from GWC Warranty that help our dealers seal the deal in the F&I office.

Cost Of Common Repairs. It only makes sense to talk dollars and cents when discussing car repairs. Using a video that shows just how expensive common repairs can be helps highlight just how damaging they can be to a tight monthly budget. This kind of video tells a very important story that some customers may not want to hear from someone who also just sold them a vehicle.

What To Expect From A Claims Experience. Having on hand a video that explains what your vehicle service contract does to simplify the claims experience can help your customers feel at ease that, in the event of an unexpected breakdown, their claim will be handled quickly and professionally. The GWC claims story does just that for both dealers and their customers.

Impactful Testimonials. Nothing helps bring home the value of a vehicle service contract more than real stories of customers who benefited from their coverage. After showing customers why they need a VSC and explaining the type of service they can expect, complete the VSC journey with a video that brings to life the value of a vehicle service contract.