1/19/2018 10:00:00 AM | By GWC Warranty

Make The Most Of Selling Season

GWC Warranty Accelerate Blog

If you wait until selling season to make your move, it’s going to be too late. With once-a-year windfalls soon to be hitting customers’ bank accounts, it’s time for dealers to ready the troops for what’s about to come.

But the business boost from selling more cars in the coming months doesn’t have to be where the benefits stop. Making sure your dealership is ready from top to bottom to improve performance on the back end of deals can go a long way toward setting you up for success in the first quarter and beyond.

Start Now. Before customers come banging down your doors, try to find resources that can help everyone at your dealership get ready to sell more back-end products. Training resources, especially those that are on online and on-demand, can help everyone from sales to F&I and even service get on board with the value of vehicle service contracts. Training early and training often will give you the added insight and expertise needed to capitalize on eager customers.

Set A Goal. Take a look at how you did with your service contract penetration last year and see if you can beat those numbers when things are busiest. If you can build the habits of presenting your service contract offering to each and every customer, the skills you master early this year can pay off down the road as well. Just by simply asking more often, you could see a major spike in F&I business while expending minimal additional effort.

Make It Fun. Get your staff’s competitive juices flowing when things are busiest by building in contests and other incentives to encourage the habits you’re looking to build long-term. When your staff is excited about trying something new, you’re increasing the likelihood that they see the benefits and create the selling habits you’d like to see.

Adjust When It’s Done. You might try a lot of new things during selling season. When it’s all done take a look at what you tried to see what worked and what didn’t. Use this assessment to determine what you can try again to give business a boost and how you would do some things different to make them even more effective. The wins you experience during selling season don’t have to stop when the tax refunds are done rolling in.