12/06/2018 10:00 am | BY GWC Warranty

What Used Car Dealers Want Under Their Trees

It’s the time of year that everyone is checking off their wish lists when they look under the tree. And used car dealers are no exception. With the holiday spirit fresh on our minds, let’s take a look at what gifts you want to see for 2019 and beyond.

Lending A Hand With Lending. Recent news showed subprime originations at an all-time low but that doesn’t mean the subprime lending you need isn’t out there for the taking. Even if national subprime lenders are scaling back, many regional lenders are still taking on that business. Instead of looking under your tree for reliable subprime lending, looking to your VSC provider could be an avenue to find the lending you need while also getting room for a back-end advance.

Inventory That Will Move. Give yourself the gift of inventory that will be off your lot quickly by doing your homework before the holidays. The end of the year is the perfect time to look at what vehicles moved quickly and which ones didn’t sell with the speed you’d like. Charting all this out will help you get cars on your lot in the new year that will be driving off the lot as quickly as they got there.

Leads That Convert. If the ticket for you to sell more cars and make more money in 2019 is turning more leads into unit sales, the new year could be the perfect time to try something new. A tool like Covideo could be just what the doctor ordered to turn more inquiries into actual sales. Personalized video communication could bring your lead conversion efforts into the 21st century and make what you do to cash in on leads more relevant to the consumers purchasing those vehicles.