10/20/2017 6:00:00 AM | By GWC Warranty

Don’t Call Your Customers

GWC Warranty Accelerate BlogA new report on automotive customer preferences makes the case that you should hang up the phone on your customers. It suggests you should email them instead.

According to the Car Buyer Insights report released earlier this month by PERQ, 68% of customers prefer to be contacted via email. Nearly a quarter of those surveyed preferred text messaging, leaving just 8% of customers who want a good old-fashioned phone call.

While these numbers might not be surprising, many used car dealers would lean on experience to say that nothing works quite like the personal touch of a phone call. But just because customers nowadays prefer electronic communications, that doesn’t mean you need to lose that old-school charm that has worked for decades. It just means that it needs to look a little different.

Video. Video. Video. So much of today’s industry is moving toward video communications, but oftentimes they feel scripted, templated and not all that genuine. That’s where tools for personalized email messages like Covideo come in. By allowing you to record a quick video and have it delivered in an email template filled with useful links, you’re getting the same personal touch of a phone call while providing a potential customer with the resources they need to continue doing their research.

Know Your Customers’ Next Steps. Sending messages using new technology is just the first step. Knowing when to send them and what information to provide is key to your communications’ success. According to the Car Buyer Insights report, more than half of all customers are ready to buy within two weeks once they’ve reached out to a dealership. Additionally, common next steps include continued inventory browsing, general research, getting pre-approved for financing and scheduling a test drive. Having these next steps available as options in your communications will help encourage lead conversion.

Be Nimble. Regardless of whether a customer reaches out via email, text message, social media or some other form of new communication, you always have the opportunity to be authentic. Just because a communication tool may be new to you doesn’t mean you have to lose the personal touch that has made you successful. Having an open mind about reaching your customers according to their preferences – and not yours – might just open the door to more successful lead conversion and stronger sales opportunities.