11/3/2017 6:00:00 AM | By GWC Warranty

How A Messy Trunk Can Sell A VSC

GWC Warranty Accelerate BlogEvery dealer has a patented trick up his or her sleeve – some more unconventional than others. But did you know that checking out a customer’s trunk could help you sell more VSCs?

Sounds strange, we know. But hear us out on what you can learn from a customer’s trunk that will help you alter your vehicle service contract presentation in a way that increases the likelihood of closing the deal.

What To Look For. When a customer shows up with a trade – or if it’s just the car they’re currently driving – see if you can get a look inside the trunk. If it’s a trade-in, it’s easy to take a look inside as you do your valuation. If it’s not a trade, give a look inside the windows in passing to see if you’re dealing with an immaculately spotless vehicle or a disaster of a mess.

What To Learn. Whether a vehicle is messy or clean will tell you what kind of personality type you’re dealing with. A messy trunk signifies a right brain thinker. This person is more image-conscious and will base decisions on emotion. A clean trunk tells you that you’re speaking to a left brain thinker. These people are more analytical and detail-oriented. Their decision making will be based on facts and numbers.

How To Apply It. Knowing the kind of customer you’re dealing with allows you to provide an experience in line with what they’re used to. For right brain thinkers, you want to play off their adrenaline and passion. They’ll be excited to be buying a car that is a reflection of their personalities, so try to match their excitement and connect emotionally over how important it is to protect their investment and subsequently their image. For the left brain thinkers who are more focused on the details, you can provide full transparency into price, cost of repairs, component coverage and other fine-print items. Putting the conversation in terms of dollars and cents will help you with these customers.

A strategy like this isn’t always 100% black and white, but it’s a good start to help you find places where you can alter your VSC presentation based on the person sitting across your F&I desk. The key here is that no two customers are alike, so a blanket VSC sales approach that you use with every single customer isn’t going to get you very far.

Honing in on something as simple as a messy trunk and using the information you collect there to adapt to your customer only increases the chances of that connection leading to a successful service contract sale.