9/16/2016 6:00:00 AM | By GWC Warranty

5 Bad Training Habits And How To Break Them

GWC Virtual TrainingNo one ever got anywhere by standing still. And no dealership ever improved without the ability to adapt and change.
The key to adapting in an ever-changing market and improving profitability? It’s training. But it’s not attending a conference across the country once in a blue moon or sending employees off to watch a webinar on their lunch break once a year. It takes focus and repetition that will drive retention.

Bad training habits can develop over time and can be difficult to break, but the payoff looming at the end could be worth the initial struggle to change your ways – for the better.

I went to training once and never thought about it again. When did you ever master something by seeing someone else do it once? Just like anything else in life, it takes repetition of a lesson before you retain it enough to put it into practice – the key word being practice. It takes time to convert a new approach into habit. Whether it’s role playing or practicing on real customers, practice truly does make perfect.

I travel all over the country for training. Travel is burdensome and expensive. Not to mention, it takes you away from your dealership. Virtual training options are a great way to train on your time. You can watch courses as often as you’d like, whenever you have some free time and refer back to them once you’ve put some new processes into practice.

I paid an arm and a leg for training. You don’t have to, though. Sometimes you can find training in places you might not expect. Product providers and other partners in your dealership may have training options available to help with more than just the product they’re selling. If you’re partnering with true automotive industry experts, these resources should be available to you – many times at a reduced rate or for no cost at all.

I trained but no one else at the dealership did. Don’t be afraid to cross train across different disciplines in your dealership. Having a sales team that understands the importance of F&I or an F&I team versed in compliance or service work are just a couple examples of how a well-rounded staff can improve the entire dealership’s performance. 

I took a course but skipped the test. Testing, oversight and follow up are key elements to ensure you and your staff retain everything you’ve learned. Virtual training options like the ones we mentioned earlier should have this functionality built right in for you. Testing and reporting tied to it can help management make sure everyone is partaking in training and identify areas of potential weakness.