3/10/2016 5:00:00 AM | By GWC Warranty

GWC CEO & President Rob Glander Featured In SubPrime Auto Finance News CEO Issue

On Thursday, March 10, GWC Warranty's CEO & President Rob Glander was featured in SubPrime Auto Finance News' first-ever CEO Issue. SubPrime Auto Finance News created the feature to profile what it calls "an abundance of chief executive officers who lead with superb skill" in the subprime auto finance industry. According to editor Nick Zulovich, those featured in the CEO issue develop sensible strategies and lead teams to execute those plans, all while remaining competitive and compliant with growing regulatory burdens.

CEO nominations were submitted by peers throughout the industry, and honorees were selected based on their nomination's response to three questions:

  • What moves has the CEO made to place the company in position to be successful?
  • How does the CEO cultivate a productive environment that inspires the organization at all levels?
  • Why is the CEO an example of a successful leader who lifts the value of not just the company but also the industry?

SubPrime Auto Finance News publisher Bill Zadeits added: "CEOs literally are the face of the organization and have a tremendous responsibility to their companies, employees and the industry as a whole. For those reasons and countless more, we are dedicating this print edition to showcasing these outstanding business people."

Glander was the lone CEO of a vehicle service contract provider to appear on the list. An excerpt from his profile reads: "His desire to be part of a successful team is only surpassed by his dedication to ensuring that GWC employees, who spend most of their waking life at work, have a good life."

To read the full CEO Issue feature, click here.