3/4/2016 5:00:00 AM | By GWC Warranty

Dispelling Common Training Myths

GWC Virtual TrainingWhat does training look like in your dealership? Is a mentor passing along knowledge gained over decades in the car business? Is it a one-day seminar on a weekend? Or perhaps it’s travelling to a convention to hear the thoughts of some of the industry’s brightest minds.

All of these tactics have their benefits, but how you view training can have a serious impact on your business. Transitioning from the thought of training as a burdensome cost to viewing it as a required expense that yields results can pay huge dividends for your bottom line. In case you’re still in doubt, here are some common myths about training and why they’re untrue assessments.

It’s Bad For Employee Retention. A common fear is that investing in training will provide your employees with loads of knowledge that they could leave and take with them somewhere else. On the other side, can you risk having under-trained staff walking your lot each day? An environment that trains and helps employees improve is one that tends to promote strong morale and retain talented employees, so the risk is far outweighed by the reward. 

Training Is Expensive. Yes, training costs money. And yes, it can take away from time in the showroom or on the lot. But it’s time and money well spent. Training Magazine conducted studies that proved sales training increased revenue and service training led to increased brand loyalty. HR Magazine also found that companies that invested $1,500 or more in training annually produced, on average, 24% higher profits.

It’s Inconvenient. We started this article talking about the different scenarios that can take you away from your dealership just to obtain off-site training. This isn’t the only option, though. Ask around and find partners that can provide you with offerings like Virtual Training or other types of in-office tools that let you learn best practices without leaving your comfy office chair.

Once you can overcome these common training misconceptions, you can put together a formal training plan that focuses on continuously improving every employee in your dealership. It’s a decision and an investment that’s proven effective – and one you won’t regret.