6/24/2016 6:00:00 AM | By GWC Warranty

What Would 5-8 More Cars A Month Mean For You?

Sell More Cars With GWC WarrantyNestled alongside Lemon Bay on Florida’s Gulf Coast, PCT tried a service contract program with another company that wasn’t working. But owner Mike Hufford, who had a history with GWC from a past dealership, called upon old friends to breathe some life into his service contract business. 

“My biggest success story with all of it has been giving my customers peace of mind,” Hufford says. “It’s like a little insurance policy in case something catastrophic does happen. We always try to upsell too, and that’s been helping quite a bit.”

In fact, it’s helped Hufford to the tune of enough revenue where he’s now prepared to open a new facility – a dream that would have taken longer to achieve at his previous monthly volumes.

“We’ve been doing five to eight more cars a month since we now offer warranties on every vehicle,” Hufford says. “It makes our lives a lot easier when you have a service contract because it’s less likely for customers to come back expecting you to fix this and that.

“Plus, it helps us push more vehicles,” Hufford adds. “Overall, business is a lot better.”

Hufford utilizes banners and point of sale materials throughout his dealership to get the conversation started with his customers. He says it drives additional business when he can show customers that GWC is a company with a strong reputation of actually paying its customers’ claims. 

Now, with service contract penetration rates over 50%, Hufford is set up to see business boom once again thanks to the new facility that will be open soon. As for his relationship with GWC, it’s something he doesn’t see changing anytime soon – even if his address does. 

“I always try to stick with a company that treats us right. When you find something that works, don’t change it,” Hufford says. “Nowadays, it’s your name and your business that you need to protect. If you’re going to make it with social media and other things that can hurt you if you do the wrong things, you have to be very careful. And having a GWC contract on every deal, for what it costs, it makes sense for the customer and the dealer.”