8/26/2016 6:00:00 AM | By GWC Warranty

Talk Less. Close More.

Tower AutoTake an honest, hard look in the mirror and think about the strongest completed sales you’ve landed. Now, think about those customers and their personalities. In all likelihood, something just “clicked” as you helped them navigate a vehicle purchase. The reason why, you ask? More likely than not, you “clicked” with this customer because they had a similar personality to you.

But this begs the question – why aren’t all closes this easy? Simply put, it’s because, not everyone is like you. We’ll spare the psychology lesson, but personality types can be segmented and you’re going to be more likely to strike a chord with people who fall into the same segment as you do.

But when it comes to those who fall on the other side of the spectrum, the most talented sales teams can be observant and flexible to accomplish the same result.

Be Observant. Typically, your customers will favor either their logical or emotional sensibilities. It’s up to you to uncover which type of person they are. A good strategy to do this is using a trade-in as a treasure trove of information. As you perform your assessment, take a look in the trunk and the glove box – not to move anything around, but simply to observe. Your logical thinkers might have organized trunks and glove boxes with safety supplies and maps while your emotional thinkers might be more scattered and messy with empty bottles and fast food bags.

Be Flexible. Once you’ve determined whether your customer leans more toward the logical or emotional, you’ll need to alter your presentation to match that. It will be easier when it lines up with your personality but there are aspects of a car purchase that will appeal to each group separately. For the logical thinkers, they want the nitty gritty numbers. They want security and they might be old fashioned. They’ll want to trust your presentation and know they’re getting the best deal. Emotional thinkers will desire flare. Their car purchase is a reflection of their personality. Be enthusiastic about your product and double down on the excitement they felt during the test drive. Use it to your advantage to get a yes as quickly as possible.

By being observant and flexible, you’re achieving the same goal regardless of the personality type – you’re assessing the situation, building an effective approach and reaching your close more quickly and more often.