Training And Tools For Agents And Dealers

We provide in-depth training to agents and dealers that makes it easy to integrate GWC products into a dealership’s current sales and F&I processes.

When you begin working with GWC, our team makes sure you and your dealers are both primed for success at every step. We’ll provide all the information and tools you need to effectively present the products to your dealer partners, and, in turn, for dealers to effectively present the product benefits to drivers. You’ll also receive all the training and tools required to seamlessly build the sale of GWC’s vehicle service contracts into a dealership’s existing practices.

Virtual Training

GWC agents and dealers have exclusive access to an on-demand, interactive video training library, filled with engaging content for every employee in a dealership.

  • VARIETY OF EDUCATIONAL CONTENT. Helpful content about sales, F&I, service and compliance make training material available to everyone in the dealership.
  • SIMPLE, INTERACTIVE DESIGN. Keep viewers engaged and interested with short videos, interactive quizzes and handy downloads in an intuitive digital design.
  • ON-DEMAND. Dealerships can train on their schedule. Managers can display videos as part of broader training or employees can train during down time.
  • COMPREHENSIVE REPORTING. In-depth reporting keeps staff accountable while tracking progress and helping identify areas of strength or weakness.

GWC’s other training opportunities and tools include:

  • On-site, personalized installation and training
  • Dealer support
  • Reference materials
  • Regular communication and follow-up with GWC team

Learn more about how our training can make you more valuable to your dealers.Learn more about how our training can make you more valuable to your dealers.