Technology Reviews

GWC Warranty offers innovative technology that allows dealers to be more efficient and progressive.

We here at Broadmoor tend to pride ourselves in being technologically sound in each department. Our finance manager and salesmen absolutely love using GWC’s E-contracting system for many reasons. First off, it’s super easy to use. As a manager/owner, I like the fact that it limits human error. After the vehicle information is entered, it clearly shows which warranties are available and at what cost. All the information is right there at our fingertips instead of paging through different charts and books. Our Finance Manager, Luke, loves the fact that each contract can be printed through a laser printer instantly while the customer waits. No more hand writing everything or sending forms through a printer from the 1970’s. Overall, GWC E-contracting takes the stress out of back-end paperwork and shows the customer a very professional-looking contract that matches the professional service they will receive from GWC Warranty. More importantly, GWC has showed me their commitment to technology giving me peace of mind they are going to be around for a long time. Thanks again.

— Matt Konig, Broadmoor Motor Sales, Inc.

The iPad app gives me consistency with 100% of the customers 100% of the time. I’m able to turn around to a customer and say ‘Do me a favor and listen to this.’ I start out with the video with the President and CEO for info about the company and then shoot over to the coverage breakdowns and monthly payment. It’s all about consistency. It simply gets done quicker.

If I’m talking to the owner of a dealership, I’m going to tell them that the F&I guys are going to make more money for you because of the consistency with the iPad app. For F&I guys, it’s a tool you can hand to the customer while you’re off doing your thing in the back. Anyone would welcome that because anything we can do to make our jobs easier, we’re all for that!

— Joe Sallese, F&I Manager, Tower Auto Sales

The videos and coverage options with the app are (the most helpful function). We sell a lot of Essential coverage and when we are going over the things it covers, it’s easier to pop into the app to show what it does and doesn’t cover. It’s nice to show the customer something other than a brochure. It really brings a vehicle service contract to life for the customer.

I’ve used the app with a difficult customer, who wasn’t interested in warranty companies. It showed that GWC was a well-established company and it helped a lot. He wound up buying the service contract. I would obviously recommend using it as a selling point to a customer. It brings a good face to the company. It has a nice, clean feel, so it’s appealing to a customer. Especially if you have someone who’s on the fence about buying a service contract, it can be helpful to show them all the videos.

— Natalie Lingeman, Victory Motors