06/06/2014 10:00 am | BY GWC Warranty

GWC Warranty’s Claims Service Rated Exceptional By Dealers and Service Facilities

WILKES-BARRE, PA. – GWC Warranty, a leading provider of vehicle service contracts and related finance and insurance products sold through automotive dealers, recently partnered with KCG Consulting, Inc. to conduct a study aimed at measuring dealer and service facility satisfaction with its claims service. Results of the study showed that GWC received exceptional average ratings of 9.4 and 8.7 out of 10 for dealers and service facilities, respectively.“We are extremely pleased with the results of this study,” said Rob Glander, President and CEO of GWC Warranty. “GWC has always been committed to providing outstanding service to our dealers and their customers. We also focus on being a sound and trustworthy partner to our service facilities. Conducting this study was a way to measure whether or not we were living up to these promises. The results clearly tell us that we are.”

GWC has a strong history of paying claims, having handled over 800,000 claims totaling over $300 million paid to date and has a nationwide network of over 3,000 service facilities. These figures translate into dealer partners that are confident that their customers will be taken care of in the unlikely event of a claim. The study also revealed that dealers are so confident in GWC that when asked “How likely are you to recommend GWC to another dealer,” GWC scored an impressive 9.6 out of 10. Likewise, when service facilities were asked “How would you rate the fairness in claim adjudication; does GWC consistently meet their obligations,” GWC scored an outstanding 9.4 out of 10.

Despite the strong results, GWC still plans to incorporate the feedback they’ve received from the study to continue to improve their claims services. “We are always looking for new ways to better serve our dealers and their customers, as well as our service facilities,” said Joseph Brennan, Vice President of Operations at GWC Warranty.

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