1/27/2017 10:00:00 AM | By GWC Warranty

4 Show-Stopping Showroom Essentials

GWC Warranty Dealer iPad AppYour showroom is your showpiece. First impressions are too important for it not to be. But a fresh coat of paint, ornate décor on the walls and high-end finishes – while they give a great impression – won’t help you sell more cars or F&I products.

Luckily, there are things you can place throughout your showroom that will.

Video. Sounds simple enough, right? Customers are walking around your showroom, either browsing your dealership or waiting while some paperwork is being filed. Have a loop of videos that can influence behavior you’d like to see from customers. It’s a great opportunity to build value in F&I products that you’re about to present them. Info like cost of common repairs, testimonials and more, when in video form, can be efficient and impactful to drive F&I sales.

Interactive Technology. This will let your customers walk themselves through their car-buying experience. Having an iPad out that can educate customers about what’s to come lets them discover value in your dealership and F&I products on their own. And it’s well documented that customers are more likely to buy when they feel they have purchased something rather than having been sold something.

F&I Education. Maybe an iPad isn’t in the cards just yet. But having brochures, signage and perhaps even a binder full of paid claims can do the trick as well. Anything you can do guide the customers down a path to purchase will increase their likelihood to buy. But it’s incumbent on you to build the path you’d like them to follow.

Point Of Sale Materials. Are you looking to be the preferred destination for Certified used vehicles? Have you won awards? Do you offer vehicle history reports with every vehicle? Are your F&I products trustworthy and reliable? If you answered “yes” to any of the above, make sure your customers know about it! Signage, literature, videos and more can help instill confidence in the customer even when he or she isn’t by your side.