1/20/2017 10:00:00 AM | By GWC Warranty

Seize The Leads You Wish You Had

GWC WarrantyAs a dealer you’ll search high and low for the next great source of leads. And at times, you might even pay for services that cut into your profits. But what if you could generate new, repeat and referral business all on your own?

It seems like a daunting task from afar, but you have everything you need on your computer or stashed away in a filing cabinet – it’s your own network of past customers. If you’re looking to generate your own leads and save the cost of an outside vendor, nothing is more important than an up-to-date rolodex. It starts with gathering contact information upfront and maintaining regular communication to gather any updates. This way, you never lose touch with satisfied customers and simultaneously open a potential window into their wide networks.

A BrightLocal survey found that consumers find word of mouth referrals to be just as reliable as online reviews, so maintaining constant contact with customers will keep you front of mind as they encounter others in the market for a vehicle.

If you make getting accurate contact information a habit, you can chase lead sources that seemed like a distant dream for far too long.

Expired Vehicle Service Contracts. If you like selling longer-term service contracts, knowing which customers are about to run out of coverage gives you a perfect reason to give them a call. You can use the expired contract as a segue to offer to bring them in to browse for a new vehicle. If they’re not interested, a VSC renewal opportunity could bring in some revenue as well. You can build a process to find these customers on your own, or your VSC provider may be able to alert you to these opportunities. GWC Warranty Elite Dealers get free access to the Elite Lead Generator, which puts this list of customers just a click away.

Regular Email Communication and Social Activity. You’d be surprised by the value of staying front of mind with customers. Regular email newsletters or simple timely messages can help your dealership stay on the tip of every customer’s tongue. Even if a customer who comes across your content in an email or on social media isn’t in the market for a vehicle, they may have just spoken with a friend or family member who is. Before you know it, your phone will ring with referral customers who heard about you from a past customer who just so happened to read your email the week before.

Ask For Referrals. Sounds simple enough, right? At the end of a transaction or service visit, don’t be afraid to ask if someone a customer knows might be in the market for a new vehicle. The BrightLocal survey mentioned earlier also discovered that seven of 10 consumers will leave a review if they were only asked. The same concept can be applied to referrals. Just a simple ask can go a long way, not to mention if you build promotions and discounts around referring friends who go on a test drive or purchase a vehicle.